What's New

Well … everything!

This area of MID-C will keep you informed of the latest developments of the system. Look here to find what the latest new products are or who's the newest supplier. Any new additions will be anounced here first and provide you with a quick link to this information.

Over the coming weeks, we will be laying the foundation for what will become MID-C your centralized warehouse of marine information.

Tasks Involved:

  • Creation of the infrastructure to support the MID-C initiative.
  • Identifying and incorporating the information, data, and data products that will populate MID-C.
  • Developing the mechanisms that will allow Newfoundland information technology companies to access MID-C for product and service preparation, management, and promotion.
  • Incorporating facilities to allow the delivery of information, data and data products to the Newfoundland-based offshore oil and gas and marine community and to international networks.
  • Launching an international marketing effort to promote and sell the products and services contained in MID-C as well as MID-C itself.