Products & Services

In this section of MID-C you will find a listing of the various data products that are currently on-line including a brief desciption of each. 

MANMAR is the marine weather forcast from around the world as reported by mariners. You can browse or order these products by jumping to our catalogue here.

All MID-C information will be available through our On-Line Ordering Capabilities. Check out our catalogue section where you can browse and seach accross multiple data sets! 

This service wil enable users to place orders for spatial data. When the client requires, large data sets that are not practical for transmission or requires data sets that are only available in hardcopy formats, then the system provides for on-line ordering and off-line delivery. When placing orders, the available delivery method, delivery times and data formats may be presented.All orders are tracked within the system.

On-Line Delivery Capabilities

  • The on-line delivery service is integrated with catalogue inventory, on-line ordering and client databases.
  • Some products are available for immediate delivery. The client is made aware of these instances, and may request immediate retrieval and transfer of the data.
  • A number of delivery methods should be provided. For example ftp.
  • The on-line delivery is usually able to deliver data over LANs, WANs, and dial-up connections.

Browsing, Searching and Data Mining

Traditionally, browsing, searching and data mining of geomatics data was dependent upon specific applications and tools that were often directed at the particular data format. With the migration of geomatics data into the Internet, new tools and applications are being developed that are generic and non-specific to a particular data format.