In this section of MID-C you will find links to other sites around the world that are related to the MID-C iniative. We have divided the links into several categories:

Data Clearinghouses - Related sites containing data access and related services

Canadian Earth Observation Network (CEONet) The Canadian Earth Observation Network (CEONet) is a comprehensive clearinghouse for suppliers of geospatial data and other related services.
Canadian Earth Observation Catalogue (CEOCat) The CCRS Image Archive.
EROS Data Center - Earth Resources Observation Systems Data collection and distribution are the business of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Data Center, or the EDC. Besides handling data from several series of satellites, the EDC archives more than 8 million photographs taken from airplanes. The EDC's huge and growing base of earth science information -- the world's largest -- is used by scientists at the EDC itself, within the private sector, and at government institutions and universities around the globe.
CEOS International Directory Network The CEOS International Directory Network (CEOS IDN) is an international effort to assist researchers in locating information on available data sets. The IDN provides open, online access to information on worldwide scientific data including Earth sciences. The IDN describes data held by university departments, government agencies, and other organisations.
NASA EOSDIS V0 Information Management System The IMS provides search and order tools for accessing a wide variety of global Earth science data and information held at ten different EOSDIS and NOAA data centers. These free services allow easy access to both summary and detailed data product descriptions, as well as browse images and fully processed science data.
CEO European Wide Service Exchange The EWSE is an on-line information service for the Earth Observation community. Its goal is to help new and existing users find data and services and to allow service and data providers to find users. In this way the EWSE hopes to expand and promote the application of the wealth of data gathered by satellites.

Tools and Technologies - A collection of related tools and technologies associated with MID-C development and deployment.

Compusult Integrated Data Access System (CIDAS) An innovative data warehouse solution for suppliers that need to catalogue, archive, analyze and distribute data products and services. CIDAS provides direct connectivity to MID-C.
FGDC Metadata Toolkit This toolkit is based upon the Federal Geographic Data Committe's (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata. The Toolkit will interface with target information that is managed by Relational Database Management Systems.
ESRI The ESRI commercial WWW Site.
Universal Systems Limited The commercial Universal Systems Limited (USL) site. The developers of CARIS and CARIS++.
PCI Geomatics Group The PCI Geomatics Group focuses on providing software solutions for the Geomatics market, specifically the remote sensing; digital photogrammetry; spatial analysis, forestry and land use management GIS; and cartographic editing sectors.

Related Sites and Sources of Information - A collection of sites providing either background information or related data sets.

Canada Center for Remote Sensing Established in 1971, CCRS is responsible for the acquisition of Earth observation data and for the development of remote sensing applications and related methodologies and systems.
Canada Center for Remote Sensing Established in 1971, CCRS is responsible for the acquisition of Earth observation data and for the development of remote sensing applications and related methodologies and systems.
Canadian Ice Service The Canadian Ice Service promotes safe and efficient maritime operations and protects Canada's environment by providing reliable and timely information about ice and iceberg conditions in Canadian waters.
Canadian Hydrographic Service The Canadian Hydrographic Service was established in 1883 and is the Canadian government agency responsible for the production, sale and maintenance of official Marine Navigation Charts in both paper and electronic versions, and Nautical Publications including Sailing Directions and the Canadian Tide and Current Tables.
Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing (AMRS) AMRS is an international not-for-profit association which develops and promotes marine applications of remote sensing technologies. Formerly known as the ACRSO Association, AMRS disseminates technical information, engages in promotional and advocacy activities, maintains a network of 10,000 contacts, focuses upon practical applications and fosters linkages with users.
ACZISC Database Directory Version 3 of the Atlantic Coastal Zone Database Directory, compiled by the ACZISC, lists and describes 608 databases of relevance to the integrated management and sustainable development of the coastal zone of Atlantic Canada. The database descriptions include such details as contact persons, availability, formats, geo-referencing, scales, etc. The databases are maintained by governments (federal, provincial, municipal/regional), academic/research institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations.
Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) The Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) is a branch of Canada's Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). Its mandate is to manage and archive physical and chemical oceanographic data collected by DFO Regions or acquired through various arrangements from Canadian researchers in government, university, industry and from foreign research conducted in the major ocean areas adjacent to Canada. In carrying-out its mandate, MEDS provides data products and services to the marine community. Regional Institutes of DFO hold other types of physical and chemical data. MEDS can refer users to these regional databases.
Environment Canada's Green Lane Environment Canada's award winning web site.